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Hour Meter with Tachometer Feature

RL-HM011N Digital Resettable Tach/Hour meter. It can work on most gas engine up.It has a powerful timing system, RPM measuring system, as well as some other unique function design. Timing System Including: accumulating total running hours HOURS,maintenance timer can be set freely to 0-9999.9 hours SERVICE , etc. RPM Measuring System Including: measuring current engine RPM,etc. Unique Design Including: easy installed by wrapping around the spark plug wire of the engine,data stored automatically after replacing the battery,waterproof Rate IP65,etc. In addition, the products have got CE and ROHS certification. It has a patent . This tach hour meter record gasoline engine’s total running  hours by getting the induction from spark plug cable. The hour meter shows total hours accumulated. Total running hours timing can be viewed and reset by pushing button. Gasoline engine requires maintenance at the right time, so as to guarantee good performance. The SVC function of tachometer is to remind at the right time. This time can set by user. That’s a great hour meter or timer. The tach hour meter shows current RPM’s when the engine is running. Timing accuracy is 10RPM. Compared with the tachometer with pointer, it displays RPM more accurate. This can be used on top of the tachometer at different engine and machines. It is the ideal rev counter for Paramotors, Microlights, Marine Engines – Inboards and Outboard. Also use for Pumps, Generators, Mowesr, Model Boats, Motor Cycles, Scooters, Cleaners and Chainsaws. … Continue reading

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How To Assemble Outboard Motor Trolley

outboard motor trolley

Assembling Outboard Motor Trolley This is the 50kg capacity model. The 100 kg model looks the same, has different coloured, larger wheels and is bigger overall. It is easier and faster to assemble outboard motor trolley if you follow these … Continue reading

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