How To Assemble Outboard Motor Trolley

outboard motor trolley

Assembling Outboard Motor Trolley

outboard motor trolley

This is the 50kg capacity model. The 100 kg model looks the same, has different coloured, larger wheels and is bigger overall.

It is easier and faster to assemble outboard motor trolley if you follow these steps…..

Photo’s here illustrate the easy way to assemble an outboard motor trolley.

1: Open the packet of bolts and washers carefully as there is only the exact number required.

2: Lay the parts out and work out how it goes together.

3: You do not need to attach the wheel/axle assembly until the frame is complete.

Suggestion: Just finger tighten all the nuts on the outboard motor trolley
and check that everything fits correctly before you tighten the nuts.
All the nuts have a nylon locking ring inside them.
The raised section of each lock nut goes to the outside.
I suggest the head of each bolt goes to the outside of the frame.

Comment: I’ve built a few outboard motor trolley’s from scratch using metal tube I have found or scrounged. I have even purchased store barrows and converted them. It was as a result of this experienced I sought out a manufacturer of outboard stands and started importing them.

It is easier and no more expensive in terms of time and money to buy an outboard trolley. Life is too short and wheels too expensive to bother being a dedicated D.I.Y’er all the time. Sometimes it is just not worth it! I even once made the mistake of buying paint and painting my homemade trolleys – the final cost of the completed project was way in excess of buying one.


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