Hour Meter and Tachometer

Resettable hour meter

Hour Meter and Tachometer

Resettable Hour Meter and TachometerThis combined Hour Meter and Tachometer is more sophisticated than many other models. It also has a larger backlit screen.


The details of this Hour Meter with Tachometer are in the photo’s below but include:

Multi-cylinder 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine application

      • 1 to 12 cylinder 4 stroke spark-ignition engines.
      • 1 to 3 cylinder 2 stroke spark-ignition engines.
      • Ideal for three-cylinder outboards.
      • Records operating hours for specific jobs.
    • Records total operating time.
    • Shows engine speed and maximum engine speed.
    • Has alarm for over-revving.
    • Settable service interval.
    • Large display – backlight.
    • Battery Supplied.
    • Replaceable battery – data not lost when battery replaced.
    • Battery life indicator – very low battery power consumption.
    • Waterproof and dustproof.

Hour Meter and Tachometer Battery Datas storage
Hour Meter and Tachometer


Engine type setting for Mighty Boy tachometers

Choose the code for the type of engine you are fitting this tachometer to.

Resettable Hour Meter and TachometerResettable Hour Meter and TachometerResettable Hour Meter and TachometerEasy to install and use. Handbook supplied.

resettable hour meter
Datas storage

Resettable Hour Meter and Tachometer

Resettable Hour Meter and Tachometer Hour Meter and Tachometer Hour Meter and Tachometer

Why you need this combined hour meter and rev counter.

Record the hours your engine works. Servicing times will be reliable and so will, for charge out times. Even end of life replacement time will be more certain. Running engines with old oil and over-revving, all contribute to reduced engine life.

No matter if it is a lawnmower or industrial machine, the result of missed servicing is almost certainly more and bigger bills.

With this device, you can keep track of service intervals and check for over-revving as well as record operating hours.

If you need an hour meter and a tachometer for three-cylinder 2 stroke engines or the usual 2 and 4 stroke engines, then this device will suit your engine,

This combined hour meter and tachometer is a real long term cost saver.

Shopping Cart

$45 – includes delivery anywhere within New Zealand

The combined hour meter and tacho is sent by courier the same or next business day once payment is sighted. Tracking information is emailed to buyers but for some rural areas delivery may be by standard post.


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