Joggers Torch

Joggers Torch

This is the joggers torch in use.

This is the joggers torch in use.
















Who will like this Joggers Torch?

This is a very good flashlight for walkers, cyclists and joggers.
Even night shift workers moving about in public spaces, or where machinery is working, will find this joggers torch useful.

Safety Feature For Runners, Walkers and Joggers Chest light

The red “tail light” is a very good safety feature and should ensure that you are safe from vehicles or other runners colliding with you.

Joggers Torch flashing tail light







Light The Road Ahead With This Joggers Flashlight

The beam is amply bright and illuminates the path ahead brightly with a nicely focused rectangular spot and enough flare for you see your surroundings.

This is the joggers torch in use showing the typical beam pattern ahead of the runner.

Features of this Joggers Torch

  • Bright LED – Max Lumens – 500
  • Full power 100% – Low power 50%
  • 10w LED bulb
  • Built-in rechargeable battery – 2200mAh battery.
  • USB charging cable supplied
  • Battery Charge indicator/State of charge indicator
  • Runs up to 6 hours
  • Reflective strips on strap
  • Low power beam option enables a longer operating time in semi-lit areas.
  • Quality product

Feedback – ” they’re awesome.. highly recommend.”


Runners and Joggers light

This chest mounted light is comfortable and easy to put on and it will run long enough for you to jog all night

Runners torch

This illustrates the two different power setting available. The powerful LED clearly lights the path ahead of you.

Using a chest light while jogging is more comfortable than wearing a headlight because you can look around briefly without the illumination shifting from the track ahead. The slow flashing tail light is a great thing when running in urban areas and on roads, even during the day it makes you stand out from both directions as the chest light is like driving with running lights on in a vehicle.

The joggers light is a well-made quality product and not a cheap budget light so you expect it to last and work well and efficiently.

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Delivery time: Usually two to three days. Occasionally it can be overnight.

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