How To Fit An Outboard Motor On A Kayak

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Wonder How To Fit An Outboard Motor On A Kayak? It is not too difficult to fit a motor on your kayak – but some kayaks are easier than others…

Often it requires a bit of ingenuity as not all kayaks have conveniently placed scupper drain holes or grooves in the hull that will support a bracket.

Here is one example of a DIY transom bracket on a kayak.

Mounting an outboard motor on a kayak

Thanks Ross for the photo and the blog – click link below.

(Click this link)  Mounting A Motor On A Kayak

You need to exercise your creative abilities sometimes and this project is sure to involve some serious head scratching. There are so many kayak shapes and styles there is no one way to fit a transom on a kayak. You might have to decide if you are prepared to drill holes in your kayak – most of us are not and look for alternative ways to secure the kayak motors transom bracket. It’s not impossible and on some kayaks it is a relatively simple easy job. Others are not so straightforward.

Here is what I made. For this I had no scupper holes to use so I had to tie the bracket down with a motorcycle tie down. I was unwilling to drill holes in my kayak so needed some other way to hold the motor in place.

Mightyboy kayak outboard motors.

This is a battery powered outboard motor. The deep cycle battery is kept in the white bin. The battery outboard has now been replaced with a 1.5 hp petrol outboard the same is in the top photo. It is faster, more powerful and has a far greater range. Noisier of course, but tolerably so.

The braces running fore and aft keep the transom bracket from twisting when the power is applied. There were groves in the kayak I was able to sit the bracket in and this helps but unless the whole thing is securely held in place with the blue tie down it will twist. However once all the slack is taken out of the tie down it works very well so on the first trip you may have get out after a while and re-tighten the tie down. Once it is right it does not seem to need further adjustment.

You are very welcome to post your own pictures and comments here. Just contact me via the Contact information in the menu at the top of the page or via the Comments section at the bottom of the page.

This is the outboard motor both Ross and I use on our kayaks.

Mightyboy 1.5 hp 4 stroke outboard kayak motor for sale in New Zealand Australia

1.5 hp 4 stroke Mightyboy outboard motor for kayaks.

Here are some other photo’s showing how Ross mounted the outboard motor to his kayak.
See his Blog here

Here is twin hull kayak with an outboard.

Mighty Boy Kayak motors for sale in New Zealand Australia

The 1.5 hp 4 stroke outboard motor drives the kayak at 10 Kph with a 90 kg person in it. The kayak with motor, wheel, paddle etc would weigh about 45 kg.

How To Fit An Outboard Motor On A Kayak

Another practical setup….

Comment from James who shared the above photo’s….

Here a few pics of my 1.5 hp motor mounted on my Hobie Outback.

I used the idea from your site using the steel rods going through the scupper holes, so no drilling of holes in the kayak. Underneath I used a couple of 3 inch aluminium tubing as spacers that sit in the channel underneath the kayak.

I have mounted a lead horseshoe as a counter weight for the motor which is bolted onto the wooden cross member. So when you remove the wooden mounting board the counter weight is permanently fixed to the mounting board.

I used two pvc pipes in the rod holders which stop the mounting board moving backwards or forwards. The orange ties pull the board against the pvc making it rock solid. The steel rods pull the mounting board downwards against the kayak, so no movement at all.

You will see that I used square wooden blocks to mount the mounting board onto. I did this as the Hobie is not flat in that area and needed a platform for the board to sit onto. I also secured aluminium right angle to further strengthen the board to stop any potential backwards of forwards movement when operating the motor. There is define try no movement at all and the whole set up is rock solid.

In one of the pics you will see that I put a small wooden block under the square mounting block which sits into the kayak Chanel. This small block ensures the mounting board cannot move from side to side across the width of the kayak.

A bit of thinking and patience can result in an awesome setup that is simple and easy to setup and takedown. It takes no more than 5 mins to set this up.

 More photo’s..  click each image for the full size picture.
These photo’s were sent by Terry who fishes in high country lakes of the South island of New Zealand.
These photo’s were taken during a test run on Lake Coleridge, Canterbury, NZ.
kayak motor Australia

1.5 hp kayak outboard motor showing the bracket made to act as a transom.

kayak motor NZ

1.5 hp kayak outboard motor

Kayak motor New Zealand

1.5 hp kayak outboard motor showing the transom bracket which needs to be secure enough not to twist or slew back and forth under acceleration.

Terry comments: I will modify my outboard bracket as the nylon block that the outboard clamps to tries to twist when revs increased so suspect my kayak supplied bracket is probably intended for electric outboards with less grunt? Overall nearly ready to hit the lakes when the high country fishing starts soon.

There are a number of videos on YouTube – search “How to mount a trolling motor on a kayak” or something similar.

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