LED TORCH – KIT – Special Offer

LED Torch for emergency kits

A quality robust small super bright LED
flash-light for home, outdoors or work.

Super bright LED Torch Kit with extras

LED Torch for emergency kits

A powerful LED torch complete with a kit containing a large capacity battery and charger.

This flashlight a must for HOME EMERGENCY KITS

Cyclists, this torch has a handlebar mount.

This is an ideal torch for home or work emergency security kits.

A perfect torch for police, ambulance crew, firefighters and others working at night. Hunters/farmers, this is a handy torch to add to your kit.

All components in a case

This torch comes with a storage case so you can keep all the parts together, and as it will fit under your car seat or in a handy accessible place around home or work, the torch can be at hand when the lights go out.

  • Wear it on your belt in the holster.
  • Waterproof in normal use in rain.
  • Stong aircraft-grade aluminium case
  • This LED torch projects a bright clear circular beam that can be reduced in diameter with the zoom action until it reduces right down to a small square spot that will reach distant objects.
  • On reduced power battery life is extended making this a great torch for trampers or farmers checking stock at night.
The storage case supplied with this torch kit.

The storage case for this torch kit.

A battery charger comes with this torch.

The battery charger supplied with this torch.

A 4200mAh Li-ion 18650 battery is supplied as standard with this LED Torch

A 4200 mAh Li-ion 18650 battery is supplied as standard with this LED Torch





LED Torch with extra insert for using AAA batteries instead of 1850 battery.

To the left is the insert so you can use AAA batteries in this LED torch. Take spare AAA batteries with you when you go on a long trip – otherwise, the 18650 battery is good for normal use.

The LED torch in a belt holster.

The LED torch in a belt holster.

This shows the LED torch zoom feature - extend the torch head to focus torch beam on distance object.

This shows the LED torch zoom feature – extend the torch head to focus torch beam on distance object.

A bicycle handlebar bracket for using this torch as a bike light.

A bicycle handlebar bracket for using this LED torch as a bike light.

The torch comes in a plastic box with battery, battery sleeve, charger and lanyard + handlebar bracket for bikes.













This torch has a bright LED with an output of around 800 Lumens and you can zoom the light to a spotlight or use it as a mini floodlight making it versatile in all situations.  This torch also has a long battery life – up to 8 hours use depending on the setting.  Lamp LED life is about 100,000 hours


Changing Power Levels

This torch has a switch that will scroll the LED through three brightness levels so it is easy to use a lower power level to save battery if you are out at night for a long time. Push the button again, and with each push, the brightness increases and then on the next push the light flashes before, on the final push, the light will flash SOS. The next push turns the LED torch off.

This LED Aluminium Torch comes with:
  1. This torch and accessories come complete with a storage box so you can stow it away under your car seat for emergencies (Supplied)
  2. Adaptor to fit 3 AAA batteries (AAA batteries not supplied.) You can carry spare AAA batteries when on a long trip away from power to recharge the main battery. (AAA battery adapter only Supplied)
  3. Lithium-ion 18650 battery of 4200 mAh (Supplied) Note: This is a large-capacity battery so operating time can be longer.
  4. Battery sleeve to fit over 18650 battery (Supplied)
  5. Battery charger (Supplied)
  6. Holster (Supplied)
  7. Lanyard (Supplied)
  8. A Handlebar bracket for bikes is supplied so you can use this torch as a bike light.

A Tough aluminium torch with many uses and a must for emergency kits.

This torch was cheap at its usual price of $34.95 + delivery but is now
reduced to $29!
All products have a 12-month guarantee – email us if you have a problem.

Buy this LED torch + accessories here….
All payments handled by a secure 3rd party – PayPal.

Price:$29 + delivery
Urban addresses with a courier service – $3
Rural Delivery addresses – $8.00 delivery charge
Delivery time: Usually two to three days but occasionally delivery can be overnight.


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