LED Work Light Torch – versatile and powerful

An LED Work Light for serious torch users where a quality reliable light is vital.

An LED Work Light for quality and efficiency.

A versatile robust work light for serious torch users.

A Versatile Reliable Torch

LED work light for professional users

This shows the torch with the head swivelled. The front LED is a powerful mini floodlight.

A powerful LED Work Light torch for campers, night shift workers, ambo crew, trampers, farmers, customs officers, SAR, Police and so one who need their hands free while they work. Also, this LED work light is useful for trampers, climbers and mechanics. Actually, it’s for anybody who does anything in the dark.

Special Feature

This LED Work Light can have the LED head rotated 90° as required. This style of torch, with a swivelling head, has been around for years because people working at night need their hands free. The military also uses them – I have seen old army green torches of similar design that took D size batteries – that was the technology of the time.

How can you use this torch?

>The torch has a built-in clip to attach to clothing, belt or pocket because there are times when you need to keep your hands free. You might even have another torch in hand while you move confidently at night by way of this small floodlight clipped on your belt. Or you can simply use it a regular torch, as an inspection torch if you are working in machinery or dark spaces, working with animals, searching for contraband or just looking for your misplaced glasses.
The Mini floodlight on the front of the torch puts plenty of light on the job with a maximum of 500 Lumens because you need to see clearly as you work.

What is a C.O.B. LED Work Light?
LED flashlight explanation of parts

This image shows the LED torch in its standard configuration.

This type of LED operating system is known as a C.O.B. light – C.O.B. stands for “chip on board” meaning the light is managed by a tiny computer chip as that gives reliability and maximum performance.

In an emergency, this COB LED can flash red light.
The magnetic base can stand torch on many metal surfaces so you can work hands-free. (Unscrew knurled ring to change magnet angle)

LED Work Light beam options

The user of this LED torch has the option of using either of these outputs


How To Use The  Controls

  • 1 push for full torch power
  • then with the next push, you get 50% power
  • push again for floodlight
  • and push again for red floodlight
  • another push and you get a flashing red floodlight
  • finally with the next push – all off
  • This torch has a robust aluminium body because this is a top-quality product – we do not import cheap low-quality torches.
Charging the LED Work Light

The LED torch plugs into a USB port for charging

The USB plug on this LED flashlight is concealed in the end piece.

USB charging is a feature of this LED Work Light

This LED Work Light has a variable angle magnet so it can be stuck on metal if required.

The magnet to hold the torch in place can be angled to suit most situations.

A red emergency light can be turned on if necessary.

A red emergency light can be turned on if necessary.

A general view of this small but powerful torch.

A general view of this small but powerful LED torch.

All products except inner tubes and tyres have a 12-month replacement warranty.
The head of this LED torch rotates 90 degrees.

This image explains the main features of this LED worklight.

LED Work Light

All payments handled by a secure 3rd party – PayPal

Price:$24.95 + delivery
Urban addresses with a courier service – No delivery charge
Rural Delivery addresses – $5.00 delivery charge

Delivery time: Usually two to three days. Occasionally it can be overnight.

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