Mighty Boy Outboards

Small outboard specialists.

MightyBoy Outboards specialise in outboard motors from the Mighty 1.5hp 4 stroke kayak motor to 18 hp 2 cylinder 2 stroke outboard motors. Occasionally  MightyBoy has a few others ranging up to 25 hp 4 strokes but our main focus is the smaller outboards for dinghies and small recreational fishing boats.

The brands we sell are “MightyBoy” and “Aiqidi”

Aiqidi 18hp Outboard Motor

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Aiqidi Outboard Motors New Zealand
MightyBoy Outboards

MightyBoy Outboards 2.5 hp outboard motor

MightyBoy 2 hp outboard motor – air cooled. ( In stock)


MightyBoy Outboards 2.5 hp water cooled outboard motor

MightyBoy 2.5 hp water cooled outboard motor.

MightyBoy 2 hp 4 stroke outboard motor - air cooled.

MightyBoy 2 hp 4 stroke outboard motor – air cooled.    Available

Aiqidi 7 hp outboard motor

Aiqidi 7 hp outboard motor. Short shaft models sold out but Long Shaft outboard motors – 7hp 2 stroke – are still available.

MightyBoy Outboards MightyBoy Outboards
MightyBoy 2.2hp outboard motor engine

MightyBoy 2.2hp outboard motor engine. 4 stroke.

1.5hp MightyBoy Outboard engine

1.5hp MightyBoy Outboard engine. 4 stroke.

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 New products –  We are gradually adding more products – this is the first…

Tipping Garden Wagon

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