Outboard Motor Trolley Assembly Instructions

outboard motor trolley

How To Assemble An Outboard Motor Trolley

outboard motor trolley

This is the 50kg capacity model outboard motor trolley. The 100 kg model looks the same, has different coloured, larger wheels and is bigger overall.

It is easier and faster to assemble outboard motor trolley if you follow these steps…..

Study the photo to see how the parts go together.

1: Open the packet of bolts and washers and take care not to lose any as there is just the exact number of fittings required.

2: Lay the parts out and work out how it goes together.

3: You do not need to attach the wheel/axle assembly until the frame is complete.

4: The axle slips through the tube across the bottom of the frame with a washer on each side of the wheel. Then put the slit pin in place.  Tip: Fit the wheel and washers on one end of the axle before slipping the axle in place. Then put the second wheel on.


  • Just finger tighten all the nuts on the trolley and check that everything fits correctly before you tighten the nuts.
  • All the nuts have a nylon locking ring inside them.
  • The raised section of each lock nut goes to the outside.
  • I suggest the head of each bolt goes to the outside of the frame because that way any bolts sticking out are within the frame.

Note: The top of the two upright tubes will need to be pulled apart to fit the timber bracket across the top.


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