Fish Finder – Portable

Portable Fish Finder

Portable Fish Finder

A portable fish finder for small boats, kayaks and fishing off wharves.

Portable Fish Finder with Floating Transducer and Handset

  • This Portable Fish Finder For Small Boats -has a floating transducer that you can drop into the water beside your boat or kayak; or off the jetty.
Fish Finder Portable

This picture shows the dimensions of this portable handheld fish finder.

  • – This is the Grey Screen Model
    (Note that some photos may show the colour screen model – features are the same but this sale is for the grey screen model.)
Fish Finder Portable

This image shows the features that show on the display screen of the handheld fish finder with a floating transducer.


  • – Lightweight, compact, convenient for carrying
  • – Floating sonar sensor
  • – With the visual display screen, you can clearly read the depth of the fish.
  • – Audible fish alarm – on/off, helpful for fishing.
  • – Adjustable sensitivity settings, the big fish and small fish can be distinguished.
  • Nice clear screen. Easy to set up.
  • Good instructions provided.
Operating depth for fishfinder

This image illustrates the operating depth for this model of portable fish finder.

Material: ABS
Backlight: green LED
Sonar frequency: 200kHz
Beam angle: 45 degree
Cable length: 7m+
Depth capability: from .7m to 100m
Detection frequency: 433.92MHz
Battery: Supplied with 4 x AAA batteries
(The batteries will need replacing in due course.)
Waterproof: level 4

Package weight and size: 0.5500 kg – (L x W x H): 26.00 x 18.00 x 6.00 cm / 10.24 x 7.09 x 2.36 inches

Contents: 1 x Lucky Fish Finder, 1 x Wired Sonar Sensor, 4 AAA batteries

  • Nice clear screen. Easy to set up.
  • Good instructions provided.

A perfect fish finder for small boats, kayak fishing and fishing off structures. Sea or lake fishing.

Using this Fish Finder:

Place the transducer with the float in water and allow it to drift a short distance from the boat or jetty. Turn the portable fish finders handpiece on, check settings and you are in the fishing business.

Ease Of Use

  • This portable fish finder is about the same size as a mobile phone so it is easy to carry and use in a boat, kayak or while fishing off a jetty.

The Lucky portable fish finder is perfect for small boats, kayak fishing and fishing off structures. And it works for sea, lake fishing or in ponds.

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1 x Lucky Portable Fish Finder $90.00

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