Hour Meter with Tachometer

Resettable Hour Meter with Tachometer for Better Engine Management
Resettable Hour Meter with Tachometer

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Digital Resettable Hour Meter with Tachometer

This Resettable Hour meter with Tachometer is easy to fit to engines. With its timing system and an RPM measuring capability, it is extremely useful for ensuring engines are serviced regularly.

The Hour Meter shows the total operating hours and uses service intervals that can be set anywhere between to 0-9999.9 hours. The maintenance timer works on a count down so when zero is reached “SVC” (Service) flashes on the screen.

 Installation of Hour Meter

This Hour meter with tachometer is easily installed by simply wrapping the lead around a spark plug wire five times. More than 5 times is not better. Ensure that this wire is secured by tape or a cable tie.

Wind the wire around the spark plug wire just up from the spark plug cap and secure it so it does not touch the metal top of the spark plug.

Mounting the hour meter

Mount the device on a clean surface away from direct heat using double-sided tape and use small bolts or screws for security if possible. Make sure the metal surface you stick the hour meter onto is CLEAN of oil otherwise it will not stick.

Other features of the hour meter and tachometer
  • When you replace the battery all data stored is retained.
  • This device is waterproof to IP65 standard.
  • This hour meter with tachometer has CE and ROHS certification and is patented. Resettable Hour Meter with Tachometer
How the hour meter works

This tach hour meter records a petrol engine’s total operating hours by counting the induction pulses from the spark plug cable. This also activates the hour meter function to show total hours accumulated and has a resettable ‘hours per job’ function.

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All petrol engines require servicing at the right time. This ensures their best performance and longest possible working life. The (SVC) service function of the tachometer is to remind you of the right time for an engines service.  Set the service interval using information from the engines handbook and make this is a very useful device for ensuring engine servicing gets done at the correct time.

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Tachometer Function

The tach hour meter shows the real-time RPM’s when the engine is running. Engine speed accuracy is within 10 RPM and this digital tachometer is more accurate than models with a sweep hand.

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This Resettable Hour Meter with Tachometer is the ideal rev counter and hour meter for many machines. It is suitable for Paramotors, Microlights, Marine Engines, both inboards and outboards. Use this device on Pumps, Generators, Mowers, Model Boats, Motor Cycles, Scooters, Cleaners and Chainsaws.

Resettable Hour Meter with Tachometer

Engine type setting for Mighty Boy tachometers

Choose the code for the type of engine you are fitting this tachometer to. Note this device only works on the following settings – 2P1R – 1P1R – 1P2R

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