Tachometer and Hour Meter

Hour meter and tachometer

Tachometer and Hour Meter

Hour meter and tachometer

This combined engine hour meter/tachometer works with most common 4 and two-stroke engines.

This tachometer and hour meter is a small versatile device suitable for most common 4 and 2 stroke petrol engines.

It is important to keep track of your plant operating hours and service intervals simply because regular servicing extends the life of engines.  Regularly serviced engines stay in top condition for longer and are more fuel-efficient. Many small engines do not have oil filters so regular oil changes are most important.

How the tachometer and hour meter works

When the engine is started this device displays the engine’s rpm.

When the engine is shut down the rpm continues to be displayed for 5 seconds – then the display switches to total operating hours for 5 seconds before finally shutting down.

Combines hour meter and tachometer

The wires can be extended if necessary but a soldered sealed joint is recommended.


Maintenance timer

You can set the hours between services (svc).
Instructions for setting the service interval are provided.

Petrol engine types

This tachometer and hour meter only works for spark-ignition engines of the following type:


‘P’ stands for ‘Pulse’ or spark – ‘r’ stands for engine revolution.

4 stroke engines
  1.  –  1 cylinder – setting code = 1P2r
  2.   2 cylinder – setting code = 1P1r
  3.  4 cylinder – setting code = 2P1r

2 stroke engines

  1.  1 cylinder – setting code = 1P1r
  2.  2 cylinder – setting code = 2P1r

All settings can be cleared if, for example, you put the device on a different machine or want to re-set the hours to zero.


  • Maximum rpm – 60,000
  • Maximum hours -99999
  • Device is waterproof
  • No battery required
Fitting the tachometer is simple.

Use the double-sided tape provided to stick the device on a clean oil-free surface and away from extremely hot engine parts. Make sure the metal surface is CLEAN OF OIL.

Tachometer and hour meter installation

The surface the hour meter is attached to must be totally oil-free and absolutely clean otherwise the device may vibrate loose. Be sure to stick it away from the exhaust and other very hot engine parts.

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