Vibration Activated Engine Hour Meter

Vibration Activated Engine Hour Meter

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Vibration Activated

This hour meter is activated by vibration so will work on pretty much anything that vibrates.

Any engine – any plant in use on farm, factory, quarry, machinery etc.

Records to 99999 hours in increments of 1/10th of an hour. (6 minutes)

Two settings for either a machine with high vibration levels or one with low vibration levels.

Note: If shifting machine on truck or trailer etc lock meter off as it is liable to record the time spent being transported.

The meter records total operating time and partial operating time for individual jobs.

The meter is waterproof, sealed with epoxy to International Standard IP 68

Be sure to clean mounting site so it is free of oil and dirt before sticking meter in place with double-sided tape supplied. If necessary you can often put a cable tie around them.

Easy to install and use. Installation information supplied.

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