Vibration Activated Hour Meter

A Vibration Activated Hour Meter for Almost Any Machine

Vibration activated hour meter

Vibration Activated Hour Meter.

This hour meter is activated by vibration so will work on pretty much anything that vibrates. Therefore, it can be used on stationary plant, machines with an external power source and towed machines.

If you have machinery that has no onboard power this hour meter will work as it requires no external power.
Vibration activated hour meter

An Hour Meter Any engine – any machine.

Keep a record of operating hours for service intervals, costing jobs, cost of operation or replacement schedule so you can make informed decisions.

Settings for this vibration activate hour meter

This hour meter has two settings. One for machines with high vibration levels and one for machinery with low vibration levels so check its operation it accurate after installation. If the setting is not correct the recorded hours may be inaccurate.

Vibration activated hour meter

Advice For use of this hour meter

Note: If shifting machine fitted with this hour meter on a truck, trailer or are towing it, lock the meter off because it will continue recording if it is bouncing around. 


  1.   The meter records both total operating time
    and partial operating time for individual jobs.
  2.   Waterproof with an epoxy seal to
    International  Standard IP 68
  3.   Accurate to 6 minutes
  4.  Records to 99,999 hours in increments of 1/10th of an hour.
  5.  Easy to install and use. Installation information supplied.
  6.  Long service life

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Installation tip

Be sure to clean the mounting site of oil and grime because if it is not clean the double-sided tape will fail. If necessary, you can secure the hour meter with cable ties so that it does not shake off its mount.

There is an alternative hour meter if you think this model may not be suitable. We have a magnet-activated hour meter that works by counting the pulses from a magnet fitted to a shaft, pulley, wheel or flywheel. It will be listed soon or enquire via our contact page.
Hour meter for industrial and agricultural machines

Hour meter for industrial , agricultural machines and earthmoving equipment
Vibration activated hour meter

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Vibration Activated Hour Meter

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Delivery time: Usually two to three days. Occasionally it can be overnight.

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